Happy 11th birthday, Vectis ! To celebrate with us, enjoy a special offer on our compliance packs !

Compliance Vectis was raised in 2005 and since then, we have always been focusing on reducing the time and complexity of actions related to compliance, and offer our clients ways to master the compliance risk and take advantage of it, while staying in control.

This january, at the occasion of our 11th birthday, enjoy our know-how … at a special price !

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AML/CFT Trainings : Vectis renews its elearning offer


Internal governance, Risk, Legal archiving, … Vectis offers a whole set of classes regarding in order leverage compliance duties within the financial sector in Luxembourg (see here the comprehensive list of Vectis classes).

Lately, we have been working hard to setup a brand new elearning platform and content to ease the way you can comply with the mandatory training required by the CSSF regulation 12-02. We have improved our services in matter of elearning in the domain of AML/CFT/KYC, and from now on, comply is nothing but simple, interesting, cheap and effective : just watch the video below, and you and your team will be ready in no time.

Archivage électronique: les derniers obstacles franchis, le projet devient Loi

Heureux dénouement dans l’affaire « PSDC »: vendredi dernier, le 3 juillet 2015, après 6 ans de discussions, et 2 bonnes années de parcours parlementaire, la Loi sur l’archivage électronique a enfin été votée.

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Risk Management – How does Vectis help ?

Do you or your client need assistance with risk management?
Vectis provides policy, procedure and related services.

Funds (UCITS, AIF, SIF, SICAR) or Investment PFS: in matter of risk management, Vectis leverages your own services or directly assists your client.
According the needs, we assist in

  1. Providing template documents of risk management policy, procedures and reporting
  2. Supporting their setup given the context of your client (governance, organization, business, laws, circulars)
  3. Advising in execution of risk management process

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Vectis Indoor Meeting – The meeting of superlatives !

“Tout Simplement Phénoménal !
Vectis Indoor Meeting, Samedi à la Coque. Considéré comme incontournable dans la saison hivernale, ce meeting a été grandiose avec quatre records nationaux de très haut niveau”
(Le Quotidien, 02/09/2015)


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